Starting my Journey as a full-time Content Creator

Finally, i start!I am exited to say the least.

Bubbliness aside, i am taking you through what I’ll be doing for my blog in the hopes that it can be inspirational.

I created this blog from scratch and this is the core of my business If you’ve been on social media, especially TikTok, you’ll notice quite a bit of videos on how you can make money online, and fast… Its overwhelming!

Thing about these videos is its rare to find someone who’ll give a step by step play of the actions they are taking to build an online business or create money online…(they usually recommend a course they’re affiliated with).

Creating a blogging website can be done by anyone who has just a bit of technical skills. There are numerous resources videos & blogs on how to create one. I’ve been doing web design gigs so creating my website was fun.

This blog is my business. Its young and im exited to take you along with me as i fill it up, share awesome stories that will inspire as all.

I aim to write a blog daily and update my Journal faithfully so hope you stick around….

This will be time consuming, but i like the process. Eventually I’ll get into YouTube and vlogging in addition to writing. I have 24 hrs in a day, i sleep six. Its the era of total focus, social life non existent (ironically spending majority of time creating content for social media).

So how’s today bringing my Blog to Life? 

Starting with the blogs. Its important to note that i had picked the blogs i am writing beforehand. And because today was all about setting up this platform, i got a few blogs from my medium account. I’ll consider today day zero…

Today’s Featured Blogs


Are you ready to explore the exciting world of passive income?


Well confession: I lifted this from my blog account and just added to the research 


This has been in my drafts for months!

The best way to decide on a topic to write about is to create a Hit list. Have a range of options to write ✍️ and decide the day before on what to tackle the next day. This goes for YouTube too i believe. Spontaneous content would work well for short videos I would imagine.

The starting point of my blog

Venturing beings is a new site no visits that i know of,

(except mine of course) Here are some analytics as of today.