Humor at work

My law professor once told me “I saw you on the train but it was the quiet car so I didn’t wave in case it was too loud”

My boss told me he almost choked on an almond. I told him I choke on nuts all the time 😳 as I said it I knew I screwed up

When the new hires are born in the 2000s...

I’m a pharmacy tech and everytime I call someone who’s birthday is after 2000 I want to ask to speak to their mom

I had a coworker who legally wasn’t allowed to use the knives recently. 😭

The best was when my department manager’s son got hired as an intern. She was pregnant with him when I started.

I was in science and a student kept touching the solar system decorations and the teacher shouted at them saying “LEAVE THE EARTH!!” 😭😭😭💀💀

In history class we were studying WWII and my teacher wrote “Frankf” then paused and said I always forget how to spell Frankfurt and I yelled out FU.