Kids talk

When kids speak… You better be ready 😆😄😂…


I was in the bathroom my daughter barged in. Me: can I get a little privacy? Her; try having less kids next time. She’s my only child 😂

My youngest once threw a tantrum because he ate all his apples and was full but his apples were gone 😂

One of my Kid patients said to me “my doctor referred me to you because he’s stupid” 🥲 Bless her but the doctor did an amazing job though

My 3 year old walked in on me changing, went into her dresser for a dress, handed it to me and said “Ew” while pointing at my cellulite thighs 😂

My 9 year old nieces counted my chins and the 6yo told me i have a wobbly bobbly belly… I was damaged

When my daughter was about 7 she was sat in the trolley, she was prodding the chicken as it was in an inflated bag.. I told her to stop prodding the chicken, she told me she wanted it to come alive, I explained we can’t have chicken for tea if it’s alive. she told me matter of fact lying “oh, I’ll kill it again” I sleep with an eye 👁 open 😂

My grandson today asked my daughter for cereal. She made it, he watched and said yes to every step, sat down then said ‘no I want porridge’.. he’s 2

Mine was 5 I had surgery she got mad at me looked me dead in the eye and said “I’ll punch you in your stitches”

One of my students once wrote about their favourite pet: “I love rabbits cause they’re playful and cute. also they’re tasty.” I LOST IT💀

My 5 year old niece told her mom she wanted to change her name so she had the same name as a kid who gets picked up from school earlier 😂😂

One day I asked my youngest if my belly went down cause I worked out for 2 days. He told me, “Try 50 million days” 😳😂😂😂

My mom said something to the effect of “don’t worry about it I’ll do it” and my son told her “grandma you need to worry about your eyebrows”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣