What is self-care?

What is self-care?

Our world has become so fast-paced we are playing catch up. Is it the technology, modernization, or the confusion that the ever-present advertisements on our screens affecting us when it comes to deciding and living simply? Life should be abundant. Self Care is vital when it comes to quality of life. It affects both the mental and physical parts of us.

Self-care is when you take the time to better yourself. This could be as simple as taking a slow warm bath, going for a massage, or taking the time to do a skin improvement ritual regularly. It could also mean going to therapy for mental and emotional wellness and finding the time to explore your passions. Caring for ourselves helps us live in the moment, which has very important advantages.

  • It makes us quiet the brain therefore reducing stress.
  • Taking the time to think clearly leads to well-thought-out decisions.
  • Taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness creates a feeling of self-love
  • We’ve all heard the saying that charity begins at home. When we are in a good place emotionally, not only do we feel good, you automatically transmit good feelings to others. It’s what maintains healthy relationships at home, work, and the community.

So are we confusing basic needs with self-care?

The sad fact is that we are so busy juggling life that self-care is taking a back seat. Many experts will argue that exercising and eating healthy is self-care. But is it really? A healthy lifestyle should be everybody’s routine in life. A day where you sleep well, eat right & move your body should be the routine. It should be basic in that if you’re not finding the time to do this, then you need to factory reset yourself.

Looking at our screens today, everything has become a business. It’s easy to fall into traps when the advertisements tell you you simply can not get a helpful workout without those yoga pants, or that you should get this kind of cereal for that is the most nutritious breakfast. Why has the world become that we have to dress up and schedule a time to go to the gym? It has become a task! When it’s very basic to walk around the block or up the stairs daily and get a good enough workout all while you’re going about your day? Taking the time to think about how you’re living your life is essential for your own happiness and those around you. Simplify your life and regularly take time for true self-care where you do something extraordinary for yourself.

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Why is self-care so hard

It suggests indulgence and therefore seems selfish. This is more so to the outsiders who incidentally are selfish! Anyone who understands the effort it takes to have discipline in daily life and maintain good relationships will tell you that taking the time to do something that makes you feel good is vital. So the next time you feel the need to take a day off and spend some of your hard-earned money, be assured by the fact that it’s good for you and those around you.

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Always remember to treat yourself, you deserve it!